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Southeast Region


Southeast Region

ESU Served
4, 5, 6, 18
Name of School District or Educational Service Unit
Lincoln Public Schools
Contact Person
Dr. Theresa Ourada
Planned Activities for the 2012 school year include the following:

We will design the information, activities and resources pertinent to students/families that could be shared as early as in the elementary years and continuing through post-high school on the NDE Transition Website.

Projected Budget
Item Amount
Projected Budget $4,000
Data Collection $200
Analysis and Reporting $200
Need Assessment $400
Partnership $1,500
Educational Materials $500
Outreach $1,200

The Southeast Nebraska area schools collectively represent a variety of stakeholders. The stakeholders have expressed numerous needs related to transitioning students from the public school setting into adulthood. Staff representatives from the Southeast Nebraska area schools have identified the best practices for a variety of sizes of school districts. These materials would provide information, activities, and resources pertinent to students and families beginning transition and continuing through post-high school and or employment.

This will take the collaboration between the school, the home, and the community in order to be meaningful for students and parents. Stakeholders are in a particularly opportune position to help young adults and families develop the strategies to achieve a more successful transition into higher education and/or employment. Parents, students, educators and community members will be able to access the information, materials, resources, and social connections to help their children move into higher education and/or employment.

The outcome would be to refine the materials and place them on the NDE Transition Website where not only school staff, students and parents within/across the region could access the information but also across the state. Activities could be replicated as designed or with adaptations.