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Grades 9 - 10

These are five areas that should be discussed in a transition planning meeting. Under each area, there are questions, activities, and resources to help guide your discussion.

Guidance Questions

  • Who is aligning high school classes and schedules with career interests?
  • How are student experiences, assessments, & skills being used to develop realistic goals?
  • How are post-school applications, scholarships, and funding sources being investigated?
  • Who is coordinating referrals to agencies?
  • Who is coordinating services and supports for post-secondary education/training?

Guidance Questions

  • What the student’s career goals?
  • What steps need to be taken to reach those goals?
  • What supports and/or resources does the student need to reach his/her career goals?
  • What experiences are available to develop career readiness skills?
  • Who is coordinating career readiness training experiences with other agencies?
  • Who is providing training for career readiness skill development?
  • How does explicit instruction in career readiness skills happen for all students?
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