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Assistive Technology Partnership Education Program

Assistive Technology Partnership Education Program

The Assistive Technology Partnership Education Program (ATP/Ed) continues to work toward helping IFSP/IEP teams build capacity to provide quality assistive technology (AT) services to children/students with disabilities receiving special education services within school systems.  Below is information on the ATP/Ed programs services as well as NEW ways to contact them for support.

The ATP/Ed program supports IFSP/IEP teams through the following services:

  • Phone, email and online video (e.g., Zoom) technical assistance - Supporting IFSP/IEP teams in finding potential AT solutions for children/students.  
  • Training for IFSP/IEP teams and school personnel about AT tools/systems and services - Providing professional development to enable IFSP/IEP teams to effectively and independently deliver quality AT services including:
    • How to consider AT
    • How to conduct AT assessments
    • How to acquire and provide AT tools/systems
    • How to implement AT effectively
    • How to evaluate the effectiveness of AT for a child/student
  • Access to a Statewide Assistive Technology Equipment Loan Pool (i.e., – IFSP/IEP teams may (at no cost) borrow AT tools/systems for up to 60 days to use
    • for assessing potential AT solutions that would meet child’s/student’s needs OR
    • as a short-term loan while waiting for a child’s/student’s existing AT to be repaired/replaced.

Contacting the ATP

Web Form to Request Education Services -